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Recipient Cows

~Recipient selection is one of the most important aspects and often the most neglected in an ET program

~ Improper nutrition and stress management can greatly affect implant pregancy results

Selection of the Recipents:

~ Young cows(3-8yrs) make the best recipients

~ Select the most fertile cows in the herd

~First calf heifers generally have proor pregnancy results because of the added stress they are under

~ Virgin heifers are ok if adequate size and cycling. Watch birth weight EPDs

~ Wild animals should not be used they are more difficult to transplant safely

Herd Management:

~ Very similar to donor management

~Good nutrition. Avoid sudden changes to diet after implantation

~ Minimum 60 days post calving and cycling

~ Vaccinations need to be given at least 30 days prior to implant date

~ Make sure recipients are not  pregnant as set up procedure will abort pregnancies

Recipient Set Up:

~ There are many protocols available to synchronize recipients. We will work with you to select one that is suitable

~ Embryos are to be implanted 6-8 days after heat

~ A quality squeeze chute is required to handle recipients on implant day safely

Black and White Cow